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Clash Of The Titans: International Trailer

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source TotalFilm

trailer source Trailerspy

Warner Bros have just released an new international trailer for CLASH OF THE TITANS which you can enjoy below.

In the era of remakes, reboots and 3d movies there’s only a few movies that really catch peoples eye. Clash Of The Titans was one of them, a remake of the 1981 classic movie which happen to be my first true memory of going to the cinema. I was however only 6 years old but as they say certain things stick in your mind especially when your young and this movie did.

When the first trailer came out I was a little apprehensive that director Louis Leterrier’s 2010 version may destroy a part of my childhood, but he made up for it in trailer 2. So whats cooking in this one?

We do get to see Liam Neeson (aka his holiness Zeus) and Ralph Fiennes (aka Hades) kicking of the War of The Gods with a slanging match “This is The End!” then hitting back to Sam Worthington’s character Peresus “This is just the start” But as any good son will do they listen to there dad and go in search of Hades only to be confronted with a horde of nice big scary monsters!!!

I am convinced about this movie and I think this trailer is been released to keep us excited when the move gets upgraded to 3-D (this is one movie I wouldn’t mind seeing in glorious 3-d). I dont know if its just the American release date but if it isnt, they are saying Clash of the Titans will be delayed one week to get things rolling, then that would mean April 2nd and it will be up against Kick-Ass!!! Now thats going to be a monsterous battle!!!

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