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What Next For Jason Bourne? Prequel or Reboot?

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source The Playlist & Empire

Since the first Bourne Trilogy movie came out I became a big fan right away. The movies were n’t spectacular mega budgets with over the top special fx, no straight forward thrillers with speed, guns, explosions, great escapes and the odd effect.Bourne Franchise grew into one of Universial’s biggest Franchises, one of the better franchise out there plus it gave movie fans something to recognise Matt by.  Each movie seem to get better and then there was Bourne no more until sometime in 2008 (me thinks) there was gossip that there would be an 4th movie and all the excitement started again.

Things became what we thought more solid as the team started get things rolling or so we thought, then the scripting problems and the biggest shock of them all Paul Greengrass the director of previous movies walks away. Matt Damon is very loyal to Paul Greengrass gave out signals that he would be unlikely to work with another director. Everyone has no idea what is going to happen, will there be another Bourne movie?

Matt Damon was in U.K  for the UK premiere of his next movie Invictus which is out this Friday (UK & Ireland) and Empire Magazine hit Matt with the question we all want to know, When will there be another Bourne? Matt replied;

“There’ll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one,” he said, “just because I think we’re probably another five years away from doing it – we’ve got to get a script…”

This comment could mean many things and you can say Matt Damon is only speculating. Universial or any studio for that matter dont want the cash lying around doing nothing and this movie looks like another one thats got its self involved in the old “should we reboot, do a sequel or prequel?”

With whats happened with recently with Spiderman now opting for a younger actor for a reboot, it makes you think maybe could this be the route they aim for, hopefully not. According to The Playlist they heard some behind the scene whispers that reboots or a prequel are not on the table for Bourne.

If they were to choose one I would go for the prequel and show how Jason Bourne became who he was and to get into the anmesia state, this is would be good as it ties up alot of stories like The Hobbit with Lord of The Rings. What I laugh at is the talk of a reboot, as Bourne would be a reboot of a reboot! In 1988 a certain Richard Chamberlin played a certain Jason Bourne for a tv movie called Bourne Indentity! I dont know how young they would want the character to be as Matt Damon has only just turned 40!

In all honesty you dont want to ruin what we’ve seen in the previous movies, this has been the downfall of many franchises who started great and ruined what they did so good before. A more James Bond esque idea I do think Universal would love, with a new movie out every 3-4 years, but then again how far do you take a character before you destroy it?

Matt Damon has made an barrell load of movies in the past few years and unfortunately none have rolled enough money in to keep his bank manager happy, he is desperete to get a big hit again. Maybe he and Universal know they are in safe territory with Bourne but loyality means alot to Matt and with no Paul Greengrass at the whelm, no idea of the storyline they can take either getting Matt Damon to commit maybe the biggest obstecle of them all.


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