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NEWSBITES 10:Flight of The Muppets, Deadpool, Dune 3-D?,Is Zac Efron Spiderman?

Here’s is another edition of Newsbite’s my round up of some of the news stories from around the internet from the world of movies. Along with the news stories links to some of the latest posters, stills, concept art from the new and latest movies.

**Apoligies if this doesnt get posted until sunday had an major issue with laptop taking so long to do something that would have taken minutes on a better newer pc**


Source TotalFilm

If you are of an certain age group Jim Henson’s Muppets would have been part of your childhood a classic tv show we grew up with. From the the point the tv series peaked the movies came they started great but like all great things there was plenty of howlers so  our favourite furry puppets are eager to have a hit/sucessfull movie and that could be about to change…..

The co creators of the cult comedy series Flight Of The Conchords Jason Seagel and James Bobin who is favourite to nab the directors chair…. continue reading


source Totalfilm

You may say, “not more comicbook movie talk?!” Yes it is, I collected comics when I was younger and I am one who loves his comicbook movies and also getting a little sick of too many especially unknown ones. It is however good to occasionally keep a eye over new projects and if you are a comicbook fan you’ll probably a little eager to know about Ryan Reynolds latest projects.

We all know he’s going to Play D.C’s interstellar cop Green Lantern but also know he has played Marvel Comics character Deadpool and he’s been speaking to MTV about that character…. conitue reading


source Joblo

It might have not been the best movie adaptation of a classic sci-fi novel but Pierre Morrel the director of District 13, Taken has big plans to bring the book into 21st century.

“I’d love it to be 3D, of course,” Morel tells IGN. “It’s the kind of movie that has the scope to be 3D. Will [Paramount] do it in 3D? I’d push for that, but I don’t know. As a viewer, I’ve just been watching AVATAR with my kids twice in the theater already and had a blast. It’s an amazing experience.”

continue reading


source Collider

Here’s another comicbook movie update and its one character Im not interested in Capt.America. I tried my best to read the comics but hated them with a passion and Joe Johnston the man behind the upcoming Wolfman movie (Feb 10th UK&Ireland, Feb 12th USA) recently gave a small update to Film Journal…continue reading


source SlashFilm

Here’s something I thought never hear me say is Zac Efron going to be the new spiderman? well OK magazine thinks he is. If you think about it, The new Spiderman they want to aim at the twilight fan age group the older teen and Zac has played and can still play those parts.

Zac is trying to get a few good projects under his belt and he is currently tied up with a project with Brian Michael Bendis the creator of the Ulitmate Spiderman comics the comics the reboot will inspired from… continue reading


source We Are Movie Geeks

A big well done to Hurter Locker drector is winning the best directoral achievement award at the DGA’s and becomes the first woman to do so. … continue reading


Total Film is one of the UK’s major movie magazines its an magazine I do tend to buy and yesterday when I was searching for some good stuff to post on the blog I came across a article on their website called “600 Movie Blogs you might have missed”. Every Year the movie mag has there annual movieblog awards and this year HEYU GUYS won it (well done guys!!) and to celebrate the win they posted a list of 600 movies blogs some weird, some wonderful and some informative. When you click on page 2 of the list near the middle there you have THE PEOPLES MOVIES!!! Hopefully the blog is one of the wonderfull or at least the informative!!!

click on link below to see list:

600 Movie Blogs You Might Have Missed


source TrailerAddict

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “MacGruber: Viral – Hotties With bodies“, posted with vodpod


I know I posted a link to the recent trailer release for the ACDC song which has been tied in with Iron Man 2 footage, well because it was so good and thanks to Chris from below is the video for you to enjoy. It’s a unique collaberation betweens the bands label Columbia Records and Marvel Studio’s and with Iron Man’s director Jon Faverau been there biggest fan its no surprise that AC/DC would get involved in the movie somewhere.

The movie soundtrack will have 15 class AC/DC songs  with the video below been the first and the classic song “Shoot To Thrill” video. The video was taped at last months Black Ice World tour show in Beunos Aires, Argentina show. The thing that caught my attention to Iron Man 1 in 2008 was the music and then they used classic Black Sabbath songs and it did capture the energy and emotion, and though AC/DC may not be as Heavy sounding as Black Sabbath, they do rock as hard and will capture the energy needed in the upcoming movie.

Best of the rest…

Photos, concept art, posters….


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