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She’s Out of My League Red Band Trailer

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Here is a new redband trailer for SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE. The movie stars Jay Baruchel as the average Joe Kirk Kettner who meets the perfect beautiful woman Molly (played by Alice Eve). Just typical family and friends who just laugh at him picking away at whatever relationship he has with Molly and destroying his confidence at the same time.

As the titale says “Shes Out Of My League” I can relate to the character of Kirk as I’ve been in that situation many of time. When your so called closest buddies pick away and even members of your family, whatever hope you have will just disappear and you’ll be single again and again…. Personally its jealousy and just because the girl is beautiful peoples perception of who they want are always exaggerated!

So expect a few nice sweary words and plenty of sexual references well it is Redband trailer! What I’ve noticed over the past 2-3 years many comedies seem to be cloning the movies of Judd Apatow(Funny People, Knocked up, 40 year old virgin) which actually puts me off the movie, but hey theres an audience for everyone!Movie Stars also Krysten Ritter, Mike Vogel, Lindsay Sloane and even Alice Eve’s dad Trevor Eve!!

Movie is due out in UK & Ireland March 12th.


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