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Lionsgate Films U.K Launch online Magazine

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Source SlashFilm

Whilst searching through the movie websites for new stuff to post here I came across this in SlashFilms website. LionsGate Films U.K have launched a new online horror magazine and it has loads of goodies to keep all horror fans entertained for an hour or so. The first issue includes an interview with the British king of horror, writer Clive Barker, articles on the  company’s latest/current film titles such as Daybreakers, SawVI,Paranormal Activity as well as info on the upcoming DVD releases as well.

It is fairly straight forward trying to get around reading the issue online though the browser can be a bit funny at times. This seems to be the way forard for many magazines of all genres during our fianancial hardships as giving the same magazine online will save them alot of money per issue. If I had still my music fanzine I would probably would have went down this route and would use the printing money to buy more music to review!!!

Launch Fright Club Issue One


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