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MacGruber: GreenBand Trailer

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Ok boys and Girls heres the Greenband version of MacGruber trailer which has just been posted online in the few hours. This is a rework of the redband trailer from yesterday and the other difference is the swearing has been taking out, giving a more ” friendlier” trailer giving the term Greenband (redband is everything included, more adult).

It does look as good as yesterday’s but as I said yesterday if you havent seen Saturday Night Live where the sketch originates from you may not get some of the jokes. Every country has there own brand of comedy so something thats funny in USA may not be as funny in UK and vice versa. So if you do have digital tv and have the comedy channel that has SNL maybe a good idea to possibly watch and when the movie does get its UK/Irish release you might pick up alot more humour than not watching SNL.

This looks very funny and if you remember the 1980’s well you will have a laugh at what the 1980’s was like, this will go down well. You cant beat a val kilmer’s character name of Deiter von Cunth!!!

Macgruber also stars Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Will Forte and Ryan Phillppe and will be out Stateside April 23rd, for UK & Ireland date to be confirmed.If you are reading this and you are American/Canadian or from a country that shows Saturday Night Live it would be great maybe gives anyone who doesnt know who MacGruber tthe lowdown.

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