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Here is another review from fellow LAMB ( Large Association of  Movie Blogs) member Travis McCollum of THE MOVIE ENCYCLOPEDIA and a big thank you for contributing this review. I urge you all check his blog out just click on the links below.


by Travis McCollum

review rating : 4/5

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.
I should hate this movie, I really should. I am a self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes nut. I have read every SINGLE story about the man and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has always been one of my favorite authors. Any movie or tv show or even shows that mimic Holmes attention to detail (The Mentalist, Case Closed, Psych) I love. So when I heard that Guy Ritchie, one of my favorite directors was making an action/mystery re-imagining of Holmes with Robert Downey Jr I was…happy. Yes, happy. While a lot of people have complained about its disregard for the original source material, I rejoiced. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Holmes is a trained fighter. He knows martial arts, boxing and has been trained by Watson and others on pressure points and weak spots. He is even a trained fencer. But people don’t like to think about that Holmes…all except Guy Ritchie. And he’s all the better for that.

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