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The A-Team: Offical Released Trailer

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In the 1980’s The A-team was essential viewing especially if you where a kid. Every saturday early evening after been at the football(soccer) match after or evening during your dinner you would sit down and watch Hannibal Smith and co help someone as well as kick some army ass.

So roll on 20 years and after calls for a movie summer 2010 the big screen version will be with us. Liam Neeson plays Hannibal Smith, Bradley Cooper as ladies man Templeton Peck, Quinton Rampage Jackson as BA Baracus you crazy fools!!! and District 9’s Sharlto Copley and Mad Murdock.

Yesterday I posted the unoffical lo-res version which leaked online but today Fox have posted the offical hi-res version which you can find down below. As for this is going to be any good is another matter, I do think you will see a few of the old cliche stunts here but the question is, will people get hurt or will they get up after a 20 foot uninjured like in the orginal?! I have to say so far there’s nothing really pulling me towards the movie, maybe after a few more trailers I might change.

But for a kid of the 1980’s who grew up watching the show it seems to me its Fox making a quick buck in the days of a recession, I have the sneeky feeling this will be so cheesy they should have made this at least 10-15 years ago, I hope Im wrong so no more jibba jabba!!!So What do you think? post your views down below

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