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DAYBREAKERS: Interviews – The cast

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Just out in UK & Ireland in the cinema’s is the action sci-fi/Horror flick DAYBREAKERS. The movie is just set 9 years in the future with the world’s population transformed into vampires due to a plague. With a dwindling supply of blood a researcher (Ethan Hawke) must work to save human kind.

This movie comes from the Speirig brothers who brought us the Australian zombie comedy Undead in 2003, Daybreakers is more darker and a slightly more alternative look on vampires. Instead of been the undead a plague has caused vampiric symptons a little like the vampires in Richard Matheisons I am Legend novel which is great especially after the recent surge on vampire movies like Twilight and tv programmes like True Blood.

To say if this movie is any better I hope to check out the movie very shortly. Below are several short interviews with the main cast: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Michael Dorman, Sam Neill, Isabel Lucas and Cluadia Karvan.

Daybreakers is in the cinemas now.

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