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A New 2nd “Kick-Ass” Theatrical KICK ASS trailer

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Stuff your A-Team Trailer boys and girls and here’s a movie worth talking about now…KICK-ASS! just in the past hour Lionsgate have just posted a new awesome second theatrical trailer and using one of hit-girls favourite words, this c*** rocks baby!!!

This movie is going to be a fanboy/girl’s dream and the trailer dies give you more of the story. It shows that ordinary kids/people will be dressing up as superheros and kicking some criminal ass!!! This movie will have all fanboy/girls constantly in homer simpson style drooling!!

We now get introduced more to Nicolas Cage‘s Big Daddy batman style costume, his on screen daughter Hit-girl’s alternative costume,a little look at Red-Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and of course Aaron Johnson as Kick-ass himself. Stardust/Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn is the man who has brought Kick-ass to the big screen, co-written by Jane Goldman (yes wife of Jonathan Ross!!!) and Mark Millar the comic book artist/writer behind the creation.

If you are a movie fan and haven’t got a clue about this movie, what planet have you been on? Even if its not your type of movie surely you should have heard about this movie? In the words of Big Daddy “Tool up, Honey Bunny” April 2nd is going to be one “Kick-Ass” day in UK and Ireland!!!

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