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A-TEAM Trailer One coming online this weeked

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Source HeyUguys

Just started my daily search for stuff to post her on the blog and found out from those good people at HeyUguys that this weekend coming The first trailer for the first ever film version of A-TEAM will be released online!!!

According to AintItCool (HeyUguys source) the trailer lasts about 1:41minutes with the classic music and voiceover playing over it along  and still keeping the group of war vetrens been framed by the US Military its been modernised with the A-team been Iraq vetrens rather than Veitnam vetrens.

They’ll be the car chases, the bullets the thrills and spils we all who can remember 1980s you can expect from the A-team including the bullet ridden a-team logo! This was my childhood in 1908’s UK TV on saturday evening after going to the football coming back and watching the a-team.

So when the trailer does come online remember to popback and watch the trailer in fully glory and I dont want none of your jibba jabba you crazy fool!!!


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