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Happy New Year!UPDATE 1: 2010

On behalf of The Peoples Movies blog and the Cinehouse Uk blog I would like to wish all our readers/viewers a very happy 2010! Happy New Year!

Just like to thank everyone who viewed, shared, contributed a review, news, comments and basically everyone supported my blogs over 2009 without your support and exposure my blogs would’nt have survived, so a big thank you to you all!

I am overwhelmed that the peoples movies is now in its15month of existance and yes the first few months where hard but like any new thing the early days are hard, its just the matter of establishing yourself. The first fews months the blog was lucky to have 4-500 visits but soon as the summer 2009 arrived its never looked back and now a whopping 54,000 visitors and counting! thank you all!!!

People are surprised when I tell that the blog is not a full time movie blogs like HeyUguys, Slashfilm, First Showing and Collider, Im just another movie fanatic who loves his hobby and uses the blog to enjoy and learn more of his favourite passtime. I dont get to any free media screenings/passes, passes to interview actors or free stuff sent through the post or by email, no what I review ive paid for, though any nice film studios out there want to send me stuff to review or passess to review (in scotland) please get in touch! hehehe.

Okay so whats been happening lately? November I finally got a job and now I can get back to enjoying my passtime, Yes? not strictly true. I love my job but its shift work and sometimes its not possible to go to the movies, but im doing my best to with free time ive got to seeĀ  the flicks. My last movie I saw was Avatar 2d, so what did you think guys? brillant movie I hope to have review online this week just shortage of time and a backlog of other things. I really need your help folks with reviews, my blog is your platform please use it help me out with the odd review, Im missing alot of movies because I dont have the same time to go and see . Sherlock Holmes, Nine, What About the morgans have all recently enter ed the UK/Irish cinemas and Wednesday Dyabreakers then Friday The Road and Ninja Assassin will hit the british/irish cinemas, so gret if you can review.

Due to the lack of time Ive had ive still not finish redesigning some of the pages, I do intend to redesign though Im now looking at possibly upgrading my wordpress account and totally redesign, stay tuned for details. As for redesigning, Ive started and about 70% completed the trailers page, to make the page more better looking and I do hope you like what you see. If you do come accross any trailers not working or the code has been deleted let me know and ill search the web to find a replacement code to embed. Staying with trailers I need a few trailer hunters out there to help me search out new trailerss, along with info on the movie of the trailer as well. All I ask is that though I try cover worldwide as well my main focus is on the UK/Irish release dates, as for release date if you can help out on movies release dates in UK and ireland get in touch, just look at the trailers in the to be confirmed section.

Okay Christmas into Janruary time I like to call the deadzone basically its the time of the year that there’s not much happening in the form of trailers or any other interesting film stuff.So with the blog been on the quiet side over the last week it doesnt mean ive been neglecting the blog, oh no there is simply nothing that I can post online. I am going to be generic and over the next few weeks Ill have a few reviews of 2009, the decade as well as a preview of 2010 and a chance for you guys to get involved in a fun vote. Yeah I did try to do one last month and after advertising the awards post in 14 networks/blogs I got 0% response, so stay tuned.

So did father christmas bring you all? any exciting dvds/movie memorobilla? I got a few dvds including Frost Versus Nixon, Tropic Thunder and in the Secret Santa dip I got District 9!!! I would love to get millions more but funds can only last so long but the thought of the present is important not I want this, this and that, well need to win the lotto if i want to do that!!! hehehe!

So over the christmas period a few of my non british/irish friend emailed me loads over jealous of BBC’s Day of the triifids 2 part tv drama and the final 2-part doctor who with David Tennent in his final appearance. Day of the triffids had a big known cast, some snazzy effects but apart from using tv’s new technology what else could you do different? not a lot. I’m still puzzled who eddy izzards actual character was, was he mi5? or just a power hungry man? As for Doctor Who I am a big fan of David Tennent apart from been from the same home town of Paisley as david he was able to live the ulitmate doctor who fans dream by playing the doctor and he made that part himself. Excellent 2 parter with John simms as the crazy modern Master and the return of the timelords!!! Timothy dutton aka James Bond as the leader now that was good stuff, expect to see the timelords again in near future!!!

Just before I sign off September 2009 I kicked off my other trailer blog CINEHOUSE UK a blog which focuses on the indie,arthouse and foreign movies. The blog is still in its early days with the other pages still to be sorted, so why not check out that blog as well.

Once again folks thanks for all your support so far and here’s for a great 2010!!!


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