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Exam: Stuart Hazeldine & Jimmi Mistry Interview

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January 8th(UK & Ireland) sees the release of EXAM a dark psychological thriller created by Stuat Hazeldine.

The movie sees 8 talented  individuals who have reached the final stages to join a mysterious powerful company. The 8 have to sit a exam in a windowless room with 8o minutes to answer one simple question but they must obey 3 simple rules; dont talk to him or the armed guard at the door, dont tamper with the answer paper and dont leave the room if you do you will be disqualified. This movie has a deep claustophobic as well a amotsphere that would drive you crazy.

Its intelligent looking and test of peoples perceptions and prejudices along with greediness of individuals in how far they would go to achieve a goal.

Our friends at Screenrush have recently caught up with Stuart Hazeldine and one of the movies stars Jimmi Mistry (The Guru, 2012) about there up coming brain twisting movie….

source – Screenrush

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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