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Movie Quotes of the Decade

Christmas is just past us and as we recover from over eating on turkey and all the trimmings another celebration is nearly on us, new year. Been Scottish it is traditional to overdo it on the alcohol, steak pie and party on hogmany (31st december) into the new year with family and friends. Saying goodbye to previous year and saying hello to a new year but this year we will also say farewell and hello to an old and new decade!!!

As usual Im about so far behind everyone else but I’m going to do a few posts of movies/things dedicated to the noughties/ previous year all movie related. I hope to do an awards for 2009, yep I know I posted something last month but that got O response, but its all for fun and maybe start off a few discussions/debates.

Well to start of the postings  our good friends at screenrush have posted an article on what they say are the top 50 movie quotes of the decade. When watch movies be it there the best ever or just simply crap (this decade has had too many of those!) but one thing that seems to stick in our memories are the quotes from the movie. Alot of movies they are the highlights like Arnie in Terminator “Hasta La Vista Baby!”, “I’ll Be Back!”. So click on the link below and you’ll find 50 of the best movie quotes for 2000-2009 and do come back and post your views and even your suggestions.



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