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The debut trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new romantic comedy, THE BACK UP PLAN has been posted online.

She plays a zoe a woman who is desperete to be a mother but hasn’t yet met the right man, she commits herself to a plan to get pregent. After deciding to do it on her own she goes to a clinic to start artificial insemination and she meets a man called stan (Alex O’loughlin) who presents her with a load of possibilities. As Zoe trys bond a relationship with Stan a series of comedy errors give stan the wrong signals as she try’s to hide those early Pregency signs.Stan’s the man and signs on the line to stand by Zoe’s side and like any rom-com you can guess the rest…

This is Jennifer Lopez’s return to the big screen but the question is , is she back some decent form? or is it business as usual, another one bites the dust? find out on March 19th, 2010 (USA 16TH April)

source – Trailerspy

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