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AVATAR; YOUR VIEWS/ UK Kick Ass release date

Well Avatar is now truly on our cinema/movie theatre screen’s worldwide, so have you seen it? Just got back in the past 30 minutes, my verdict…. well you’ll have to wait for the review which ill try and get out as soon as possible. I do have a backlog at the moment but please you got a review be it positive or negative this is your chance to review the movie.

So what did you think of it? worth the hype? was it the greatest movie you ever seen? or just utter crap? well guys this is your chance to view your thoughts, My blog is your platform to review, compliment or just rip apart.

What I did like was the trailers kicked off with Kick Ass teaser and the great thing was we found out the offical release date of the movie. April 2nd 2010 Kick Ass will be in the UK and Irish cinemas with USA on April 16th (though thats been news for a while now).

Anyway guys post your thoughts on Avatar here……


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