The First Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

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Today Universal Pictures have released the first trailer for Ridley Scott’s Adaptation of Robin Hood. This version stars Russell Crowe as Robin with Cate Blanchett as Maid Marion, Matthew McFadden as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Danny Huston as King Richard, Kevin Durand as Little John, Max Von Sydow, William Hurt and Mark Strong also star.

So like Sherlock Holmes we now have another version of a well used legendary figure the difference is Ridley Scott has been a little more reliable in creating better movies than Guy Ritchie, though early reports on Sherlock Holmes, its goodstuff.

The story is simple Robin Hood the legendary figure who was from Nottingham England who stole for the rich and gave to the poor.He faced the corrupt forces with his merry band of marauders leading uprisings against the evil Prince John and Sherriff of Nottingham. Whatever people think of Robin he was a noble man and Loyal soldier of King Richard and a eternal symbol of freedom for the common man against evil corruption.

Click HERE for some exclusive still from the movie. Robin Hood will be in cinemas around UK, Ireland and USA from May 14th 2010.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought on “The First Trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

  1. I’ve just saw the trailer and I felt a bit dissapointed. Nothing like I expected, especially from the director of the Gladiator and actor Russel Crowe.

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