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Hello guys many thanks for visiting my little ol movie blog I do really appreciate it. Week in week out new movies come and go I would love to review every movie but I cant. I’m just a normal punter and any movies I review, I have to pay for as I dont get any freebies apart from the odd Seefilmfirst ticket so I need your help.

The Peoples movies is not a professionally run movie blog and I dont get backing, freebies or anything from the movie studio’s so Im like you guys i’m one of the paying public and at the moment I am really struggling to write any movie reviews my backlog goes away back to Zombieland in October and recently I’ve watched Paranormal Activity and The Box. I would be over the moon if any of you guys can help with the odd review or 2 and help boost the reviews and give everyone a chance to read more diverse opinions rather than just mines, So you can help? Great!

For your review you have to include a rating out of 5 with one been crap and 5 been the best ever, the actual review doesnt have to be long so short paragraph or indepth are both welcomed. I’m based in UK so I do my best for any news, release info to be british/irish but if your not from uk or ireland your input is still most welcomed. If your not British or Irish and unsure of whats new in the cinema/movie theatres just ask , but here’s a list of what you could review:

JUST OUT THIS WEEK: Where The Wild Things Are, Carriers, unmade beds, The Stepfather,

LAST WEEK: Planet 51, descent 2, me and orson welles, cracks, the box, the merry gentleman, departures,disgrace, girlfriend experience

NOVEMBER 27TH: Paranormal activity, law abiding citizen, nativity, bunny and the bull, seraphine


DECEMBER 26TH Sherlock Holmes

check coming soon page for january onwards….

If you are a fan of foreign, indie and arthosue movies i’ve recently started my blog dedicated to arthouse/indie foreign flicks called CINEHOUSE so if you wanna help there just get in touch for more info.

so your going to help? great and thank you so contributions you can send to

a big thank you  upfront!


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