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Death At The Funeral: U.S Theatrical Trailer

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Remake is a bit of a sensative word these days in the movie world. Alot of people cringe at the idea of an classic or even crap movie getting a remake or reboot, it just makes you want to crawl under a stone. But there’s another side where people are exstatic & over the moon at a movie getting a remake/reboot. I seem to be on the line alot these days I usually like to wait and see the movie before I make any judgement on it unless the remake is stepping on holy ground and destroying a classic making it Laughing stock. So today the trailer for the for Death At The Funeral was released based on a remake of a 2007 Frank Oz movie, Yes I said 2007!

That’s one of the main things that makes me cringe about remakes some are hardly out the cinema and some wise crack decides to remake it. The wisecrack was Chris Rock who is in this movie along with Martin Lawerance, Danny Glover, the sexy Zoe Saldana, Luke Wilson, James Marsden and Peter Drinklage who was in the original version and is the only midly funny part of this debacle.

The story is simple it’s a small private family funeral which turns into a farcial riot when dark family secrets are exposed and missing bodies?! Sony are the company responsible for this peice of trash been released and the director in the chopping board is Wicker Man remake, Lakeview terrace director Neil LaBute and if your in excuciating pain waiting to see this you’ll have to wait until 4th June 2010 for UK & Ireland and for our American friends its 20th April.Ill leave the you to decide to see this or not.

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