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Its that time of the week again!!! New movies!!! Once again I didnt get to see any movies last week and Im aiming for tuesday my day off work to go see a movie, fingers crossed. What I am getting frustrated is the amount of broken promises of “Ill a review!!” and when I need those reviews the people who made the promises dissappear. Yeah its my blog, but it’s impossible to see every movie and review it, I have to pay to watch movies, only 1% i get through a website like, but this year i’ve tried to get free tickets for about 11 movies and only got 3 movies free!! so If you can help out with a review short or long a big thank you up front.
So what we got this week? we have a investigation for the most haunted team in the USA, a revengeful father who abides the law, a children’s christmas play for big hollywood directors, a homebound rabbit and his friend travel around europe without leaving his rat infested house and a tragic peasant french painter who couldn’t really exposure her artwork to the world properly.
It’s no surprise that the movie of the week isPARANORMAL ACTIVITY. It went down a storm in USA and Canada and it will be a big sucess here in UK & Ireland but maybe not as big success stateside. How many movies have manipulated a person’s mind with fear of the dark and the possiblity of evil spirits who want to harm us? This is the Blair Witch Project for OO’s. I was going to Law Abiding Citizen but reading the reviews it’s looking like another crap movie for big Gerard, c’mon big man! The other 3 movies with exception of Seraphine are not worth toilet paper in your bathroom, crap!

So enjoy the movies and I know you’ll ignore my plea if you got to the movies this week enjoy  it and why not comeback and do a review, short or long as long as you include the movie details, date and location of review, the actual review and a rating out of 5 with 0 been poor.



Thriller, Paranormal (1hour 26 minutes)

Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Amber Armstrong

When Katie and Micah, a young middle class couple, move into a suburban ‘starter’ tract home, they become increasingly aware and disturbed by a presence that may or may not be demonic. Bent on trying to discover what is happening in their home, they set up a camera to record when the presence is most active, in the middle of the night while they sleep.



Thriller (1 hour 48 minutes)

Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx, Leslie Bibb

When Clyde’s family are brutally murdered, Nick, the prosecutor, cuts a deal which spares one of the killers from death row. Ten years later, the killer is murdered and Clyde coolly admits guilt whilst warning Nick that he and the system will pay the price for letting him down. Nick now finds himself in a desperate race against time to outwit a brilliant enemy whos hell-bent on destruction and is always one step ahead.



Comedy, Family (1hour 46 minutes)

Pam Ferris, Alan Carr, Rhydian Jones

School nativity plays have never been anywhere near as competitive as when primary school teacher Paul Maddens goes head to head with the posh rival school to put on the best reviewed show in town. When Paul boasts that his ex-girlfriend, a Hollywood producer, is coming to see his school’s show he finds himself in the middle of local media event, and parents and children desperate for a slice of fame and a pocket-full of fortune.



Comedy (1hour 41 minutes)

Edward Hogg, Simon Farnaby, Verónica Echegui

When an infestation of mice throws Stephen’s OCD domestic routine into chaos, he starts to reflect on an adventure he went on will his pal, Bunny, a few years earlier. Supposedly it was to help Stephen recover from a broken heart, except Bunny’s idea of a having a good time proves to be at odds with Stephen’s interest in cultural improvement as he delights in going out to The German Museum of Cutlery. Before long things take a turn for the bizarre and a cascade of eccentric characters enter the story.



Drama, Biopic (2hours 06 minutes)

Yolande Moreau, Ulrich Tukur, Anne Bennent

The tragic story of Séraphine Louis – also known as Séraphine de Senlis – an autodidactic painter who, whilst living as a servent, is discovered and promoted by a leading art critic before descending into madness and obscurity.



trailer source: YOUTUBE


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