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My Son, My Son what have ye done Trailer

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What do you get when you cross Werner Herzog and David Lynch? Anyone? A movie called My Son, My Son What have Ye Done and here is the trailer for this movie.

Herzog and Lynch when you talk about oddness but also greatness in the movie industry these two are two of the big leading lights, Werner Herzog the master of all things brillant and in a ressaince period and David Lynch well, just damn weird!!!If you ever pictured these 2 eccentrics creating a movie together you probably would have laughed at it but they did but the question is it any good?

The movie Stars Michael Shannon, Brad Douriff, Willem Dafoe and Chloe Savingy and follows the story of a man who is mentally disturbed and begins a seris of weird events which see him sley his mother with a sword, strange but apparantly true?!

The movie will have a limited release next month in USA but for the rest of us we have to wait until 2010.



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