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CBS: 60 MINUTES AVATAR PROFILE & Colonel Quaritch Featurettes

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60 minutes is an popular news magazine television programme fro USA and recently they devoted a segment to Avatar and I have to say its very good. Morley Safer on of the hosts of the show talks to James Cameron in depth, so this is worth the watch.

Down below is an featurette on Colonel Quaritch(Stephen Laing) and it explains, Quaritch is the Chief of Security on Pandora and his mission is to use Jake Sully (played by sam worthington) as the mole to gain the Na’vi trust then stab them in the back.

James Cameron still has a lot to do in relation to get everyone back on his side after the disasterous teaser trailer, so things like 60 minutes will help his cause. If you are in the UK and Ireland why not buy the Total film as it has a free Avatar t-shirt with it, its out now!!!

Avatar will in a UK and Irish cinema from December 17th

(Spoilers – there could be a few spoilers in this, so watch with caution)
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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