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Trailer: Season Of The Witch

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Last month Lionsgate gave us a 30 second teaser trailer last month for Season of The Witch whicu introduced us all to a few of the films characters, but now we have the first full length trailer and you can watch it here.

The movie is directed by Dominic Sena who has a reputation of Poor to crap movies (the later been more typical) with Whiteout been one of his disasters, Gone (and dont come back) in 60 seconds, Swordfish (which was ok), so the movie is already at a disadvantage despite not been released yet. Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman star as 14th century knights who are responsible in transporting a woman suspected of witchcraft during the black plague era and to a monastery where the monks can deduce her powers. Movie also star’s Stephen Graham (Public Enemies, This Is England) and a small role for Horror legend Christopher Lee.

Are you looking forward to Season of the witch or you pass and go for this? watch and let me know. Season of The Witch will be in Uk & Ireland March 19th 2010.



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