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New Avatar Featurette on the Science and Hardware

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I have to say Im starting to get like I was with Where The Wild Things Are now with Avatar by posting virtually everything that comes from the movie. Today 20th Century Fox have released a new 3 and half minute featurette that focuses on The science and hardware of the movie basically the military wing of the movie.

As you’ll know James Cameron loves his gadgets and how the things work, just have to look into his filmography to see he’s a sucka for a nifty gadget or two, with Aliens been a big gadget funfest. The featurette does dig in behind the scenes showing how to work them and even how the Na’vi try to protect themselves.

Like any trailer, featurette I’ll issue a spoiler warning as we do get to see some fresh footage and some more, so if you dont want to spoil the fun and wait until the movie comes out in 4 weeks, look away now or just simply enjoy.

Avatar will be in UK & Irish cinema’s on December 17th, 2009.



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