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Grown Ups first trailer online

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Here is the first (teaser) trailer for Adam Sandler’s latest flick, Grown ups . Released by Columbia pictures and also  stars Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin James and David Spade and this isnt the first time all 5 have worked together.

Grown Ups (formerly The Lakehouse) are 5 schoolfriends & Basketball team mates who reunite again to honour the death of their former sschool team coach. Now all grown up with wives and families of their own they spend a summer weekend at the lakehouse where they are previously celebrated a school team win. They pick up where they left off all those years ago and discovering that growning older doesnt mean growning up.

Anyone who knows me or has read this blog on what I think of Adam Sandler, he’s not funny. Yes I know some of you will be screaming blue murder at me, but its my opinon, Ive tried to like him but failed. I know its childish but letting rip a fart is funnier than a Adam Sandler comedy movie. A question Ive noticed alot of websites and blogs have been asking is this movie funny? It’s not denying any of the actors involved dont have comedt talent, its just the movie looks more amiable.

What ever you think of Adam Sandler he still can pull in a decent number of movie goers into the cinema, Out in USA June 25th, no date yet for U.K & Ireland but expect similar date if not July/August.

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