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2012: 3 Featurettes – Yellowstone Eruption, The Package & Isaac Newton


The end of the world folks as we know it is nearly with us! tomorrow is doomsday and the release of the epic 2012! I do hope you are preparing judgement day and getting ready to help the survival of the human race?! You’ve the essentials? Popcorn – check, Coke – check, money for your cinema titcket – check, ahh good!

Yes John Cusack and co will be on our big screens very soon saving the world, yeah its going to be cheesy but it does what cinema’s made for to entertain. Be it a great action, story and drama or simply make us laugh at it due to the cheesy content, it still entertains and looking at recent reviews its getting a average 3/5 so not bad but not great.

Down Below are 3 featurettes for the movie all giving you a behind the scenes look at the movie and how things are created and compiled. Feature one is looking at the digital effects of the Yellowstone Park Eruptions, features 2 and 3 ; Isaac Newton and the Package – 2 viral marketings one of Chrlie Frost (Woody Harrelson) receiving a letter , the other is charlie again talking about isaac newton and his theories and why he is smarter than newton!Anyway enjoy and Godspeed and we ALL can survive for the sake of the human race

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
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