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Just a short update just to let you know I am updating the graphics for the blog. Everything from the trailer, interview, review graphics and also the banners for each page. So please beware that some of the trailers, interviews, features, links may not work right away so if you want to look at any of the trailer, interviews or reviews please use the blog search option on the top right hand corner.

The reason for new updat on the blog look was simply due to virsuses, loss of graphics, etc… recently I’ve decided to give the whole blog a new look again and November 20th marks this blog’s first birthday!!! Also at Cinehouse my indie/foreign and arthouse blog I am still working on the menu at the top of the blogpages. I apolgise everything is taking so long I’m still having a few problems my pc, not virsuses thankfully just the fact my pc is getting older and running slow and act iractically. So for both blogs please bare with me and hopefully by the end of next month or this month everything will be hunky dory.


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