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THE BOX: INTERVIEW – Richard Kelly

richard Kelly

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Thanks to the guys at Collider here is an video interview with Richard Kelly the writer/director for THE BOX.

Richard Kelly’s highest career point was the fantastic Donnie Darko but when he directed Southland Tales he slide down the slippery road but has now picked himself up and has now directed Richard Mathieson short story for the big screen.The Box has a simple story a average couple with a family in fiancial difficulties in 1970’s American surburbia, there offered a small box from a strange man who says all they have to do is press the button. When they press the button they will recieve $1,000,000 but there’s a catch, someone somewhere in the world will die, but who? The simple question is will they do it?

Many interviews we do see can be rushed as well as very short but this one is a very indepth interview, a staggering 26 minutes long! He talks about Nasa, the movie as well as donnie darko and southland tales. The interview is in 2 parts so enjoy!

THE BOX is out in UK & Ireland on December 4th

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
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