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NEW Avatar (Bootleg)Trailer


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I dont usually do this but what the heck! As mentioned a few days back that today in the American cinemas the new Avatar Trailer  and was been debuted ,with around 29th October when it goes offically online and everyone else outside North America would be able to see it.

I wasnt surprised but here’s a bootleg version of the trailer and wow it looks good! It is a low res version but when the new one comes out, keep an eye out here for it. When the first one(trailer) came out away back in August it was hit with a mega backlash of criticism as it looked just like a promo for a CGI Game but looking at this trailer it does seem to have an narrative and much needed edge to try at least win people back on the favour of the movie but only time will tell if the first trailer damaged it reputation.

Even if the movie is fantastic, if it has a poor advertising and promotion campgain a movie could be on a downward spiral, its now possibly damage limitation for James Cameron and I think this will win some (maybe all) back on his side in his quest to create an epic movie. I didnt mind trailer one but everything is looking better now, so roll on December 18th and we can all decide for ourselves.

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