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(Short) Teaser Trailer for Season of The Witch


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Here’s the new short teaser for Nicholas Cage’s new movie SEASON OF THE WITCH thanks to Lionsgate. Just like any teaser not much is shown, but this one is worth a look as it sets the tone of the movie and what to expect.

Is it any good? well time will tell on that one but they have a struggle already with the movie been directed by Donomic Sena who directed Whiteout which was terrible, the other is Nicholas Cage as a lead role. I come and go with Nic, he’s made alot of howlers and he’s due to give us a decent movie (well I think that’ll be with Bad Leuitenant), Ill wait to see before the judged are judged.

This movie  sees Nicholas Cage as a 14th century Knight transport a suspected witch (Claire Foy) to a monastery  and as he travels through the hostile landscape a powerful and destructive force threatens his mission to ensure the accussed gets a fair trial. Nicholas Cage is joined on the journey with Ron Perlman and Stephen Graham is also in the movie as well.

Season of The Witch will be on trial at A British or Irish cinema near you on March 19th 2010. Watch and lets us know what you think.



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