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where the wild things are: interviews – Catherine Keener & Max records, Catherine oHara, Forest Whittaker, Lauren Ambrose

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Opened today in USA and will open on December 11th UK/Ireland Where The Wild Things Are is now out. You know how much Ive plugged this movie through the number of trailers, tv spots, featurettes how much I adore the look of the film, visually this is a beautiful looking movie which I think people should see no matter your age.

Spike Jonze has created a wonderful piece which looks at being a child but not trying to cover up things when your upset, some movie critics are unsure what to say others loves and some just want to critise even if its great movie. This movie is based on a childrens book which many adults in there late twenties/into thirties/fourties where read as children and this point some critics have used this as a reason to scrutunise the movies actual targeted audience, I think you should see it and cherish no matter your age group.

Excellent as ever the guys at Collider bring you some brillant interviews and here is 2 video interviews with the first video with Catherine Keener & Max Records and the 2nd video interview with Forest Whitaker, Catherine oHara and Lauren Ambrose.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “where the wild things are: interviews…“, posted with vodpod
more about “where the wild things are: interview …“, posted with vodpodVodpod videos no longer available.

video source COLLIDER


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