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Location: Odeon Braehead              Date: Saturday, 17th September

It’s a hard at the moment for me to dish out reviews quick simply due to my fianances about to run out(no job since june 2008)  and not knowing whats going to happen so apoligies for taking forever to post this.

I was like many people who thought this movie was out on September 4th but when I scoured the internet and newspapers there was no sign of the film, here we go again another movie promoted big style but wont be released! 2 weeks later it was released.

GAMER is a movie set in the future where convicts are giving the chance for freedom  through a live action violent computer style game, where the convicts are mentally controlled by a player. This is a fight to the death that would even make a hard man cry but not Kable played by Gerard Butler who is the champion of the game and only a few matches away from “freedom”. He is controlled by Simon (Logan Lerman who is also playing the role of Percy Jackson out Feb 2010) A 17 year old kid who has also became a superstar but in a mysterious way. When you have a world controlled by games and a person who can own the world and buy U.K with the spare change in his pocket who better to play an power hungry pyschomaniac, Dexter himself Michael C Hall.

I’ve never seen Crank so commenting if Neveldine and Taylor have used the same used basis in Gamer well reading other press I would say yes especially the part of Butler’s character been an unjustlty convicted prisoner, though we dont actually see much of why he was convicted so a little more in the background of why he got to the point of been the the greatest contestant. We only get glimpses of what happened and 3/4 way through we do see what he did he was been controlled, yes to some thats enough I just wanted a part more was this jail? why was he in jail if it was? if not where was it? this was one of my only glitches of this movie.

This movie is like a few movies made into one: the action flick and boy Neveldine and Taylor do deliver with plenty of adrenaline packed scenes , plenty of blood guts, flying body parts and heart stomping moments like you are actually are playing an actual video game. So for capturing a feel of  “first person” shooter video game they have certainly done this and at times you do get a small sense of why so many people especially kids find games addictive because at times you do get into the action yourself.

The thing for this movie which struck a cord was the movie is also like an examination of gaming and internet culture and especially the sims/avatar/second life  online games. Many of the games you find on the internet have caused alot noise in the press in the past year or two  due the users creating a virtual self but creating a more perfect version of themselves, but very dark and sinister. These peoples are playing versions they can never really be in the real world and you see this through Amber Valleta’s character Angie (Kable’s Wife) as she struggles to survive she gives herself over to the game and controlled by an obeese man who users her for his own sexual needs. It shows the internets dark side like sick paedophiles who scavenge teen chat rooms for for young victims to abuse, disguise as someone else to control another.

Yes this maybe seen as a science fiction movie but it has alot today’s  own problems with economic hardship, over hyped consumerism, corruption (banks), prison overcrowding. If we look at it techonolgy and gadgets are like a drug, very addictive and to many we cant live without them and what would people do if they never had the mobiles, playstations, Mp3 players?  I wonder in the years to come will government’s see television as a way to address prison overcrowding? The way the game is actually advertised & televised is pure subliminal brainwashing alot like todays advertising. I can see where people connect this movie with running man though I would say the idea would have come more from Death Race as that also followed the idea of convicted criminals battling out for a supposed freedom on TV.

Gerard Butler isnt brillant in this though he did what he was asked to be; the tough guy action hero who runs around shooting people, flexing his muscles but also letting us know he’s a family man focused to win the game and get his family back together, a very content performance. Logan Lerman is the same, just be a typical older spoilt  teen who loves his gadgets, his game and internet and does what he wants. Michael C Hall however I did really like  as the power hungry evil genius who has everything and no one stands in his way and when he suddenly breaks into a song and dance scene with Frank Sintra’s “Ive Got You Under My Skin” was funny and unexpected like watching a movie and suddenly out of knowhere Monty Pythons Spanish Inquisition suddenly appear.

Despite the lack in depth background story (why Kable is where his is), the MTV style camera action The Gamer delivers a decent action movie with a little social-culture messege. The movie is a straight forward action movie not perfect but not bad and if go to watch this movie and expect something different and much more you will be dissappointed. It entertains you just but nothing more, so just sit back and let your brain go and just hope big Gerard wont blow it to smitherins!!!

rating: 3/5



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