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Cinehouse – my Arthouse/Indie/Foreign Movie Blog


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I can’t believe next month the blog will be offically 1 year old! wow! it’s been a long and eventfull year and now im starting to see some rewards for hardwork. Over the last few years I have begun to appreciate movies even more, always wanting to expand my viewing of many great movies get to watch classic movies maybe a few years ago I would have just not watched. Thankfully now I am able to watch these movies as I discover new cinemas, new movie genre’s which I actually like so I wanted to get more of the new genre and now I have another blog.

CINEHOUSE is my new blog dedicated to Arthouse, Foreign, Independent and classic movies. On this blog I want to post trailers, reviews, articles, interviews and anything else of remote interest. Yes some of the stuff I may cover on this blog and I will share between this blog and cinehouse, at the moment I’ve been only been able to post trailers but soon I hope to change that and you can help.

I am looking for contributors worldwide or have a good knowledge or know where to find great trailers, movie news, can do reviews (cinema & dvd), write interesting articles or find great interviews (or even conduct themselves), if you can do this please get in touch now.Remember I am based in uk so if you release dates for British and Irish releases that would be excellent.

I do have a list of countries of possble correspondants to cover:

  • EUROPE: UK/Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Russia, any European country.
  • NORTH AMERICA (USA/Camada) – Arthouse & Indie movies
  • Mexico, Brazil, Argentina
  • AFRICA any country in Africa/Middle East
  • Austraila and New Zealand
  • China/Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea

I will get involved myself but if you can give a helping hand I will appreciate it. Exchange links and I maybe able to add banners as well. The blog is in it’s early days much like this blog when it started slow but eventually maturing into hopefully a decent blog. I am also considering creating another blog covering Horror/Sci-fi genres but that one will be a little more easier to do but is a long way off to be actually been created.


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