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Zombieland / reviews


Just back from seeing a great movie, Zombieland laughed every minute, as we say in west of Scotland  ” A nearly pished myself” laughing (sorry a little  rude), expect a review sometime this week. As for calling this America’s “Shaun of the Dead” I agree but both movies are completely different. They have zombies, comedy and survival thats but to me Zombieland is a road movie and Shaun of the dead was more sticking with the traditions of Romero’s zombies the survivors in one place and surrounded by the undead, so both movies are brillant in their own individual ways. Another thing the British and Americans do like the same type of comedy values but also have different types of comedy so something a American may laugh at a Brit may not find as funny, vice versa basically both have brought something different to the zombie movie genre and refreshened the tired genre.

According to Filmstalker there is a possiblity of an Sequel with screenwriter Paul Warnick saying they had plenty of ideas to make a second movie, he even said he would love to see it as a Television show, now thats something different. Woody Harrelson says he doesn’t do Sequels and apparently said after the last scene he would love to do part 2.

Its brillant that ideas are flowing but there is some things you do need to make sure if I’m doing a second movie what I need to do to make this movie just as great as the first. First question I will always ask is do we need another movie, would a 2nd movie ruin the sucess and fun of the 1st movie, so should we go out on a high? I would also ask “Are we just going to use the same things are movie or bring new things in?” Will they bring in new characters and new ways to kill the zombies? You have  your story but do you have the original cast? If you dont get the old cast back this could end up been like one of those straight to DVD sequels for movies we didnt know had a part 2,3,4,5etc…….Final question I would ask am only doing this to rake in a quick buck living off the original movie and care in the world if the second movie is actually any good, In a day where majority of the movies that have been coming out averaging 2 stars if you you want a quick buck it could be your downfall fiancially and career as well.

I will this movie as soon as I can, but I cant possibly review every movie as I would be a zombie myself and would have no life out the cinema. I’m not going to brag but I have been unemployed since June 2008 (went to college Sept 2008 – June 2009) and have been finding even more impossible to even go see 1 movie a week so I’m struggling and may soon have to stop going to cinema as I dont have the cash (my local cinema has put there adult price up £2.25 in 6 month spell). I appreciate everyone coming to my blog watching the trailers, reading Newsbites, any articles and reading any reviews I do  but I need your help. I would be over the moon if you could send your reviews of movies you have watched, they dont have to be long reviews a paragraph or 2 along with a rating out of 5  and ill will post the review online. I dont want to stop this blog as its been a great sucess but the blog will end up trailer only if no reviews come in. Ive had many people say they’ll help and when i need them they wont help, my last review from a contributor was in June 2009, once I get my feet back firmly on the ground I will catch up big style and review everything I can.


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