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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – Feature Trailer


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Early in the summer there was an trailer floating around the webpress for Werner Herzog‘s version Bad Lieutentant but today here is the “offical” feature trailer version. If you have watched the earlier trailer there isnt much difference in the two more Yahoo making it more offical.The first trailer was simply created to help promote the movie whic was doing the festival circuit earlier in the year and now the festival season is winding down the movie is going to get released nationwide.

This is loosly based on the 1992 Abel Ferrara version with Harvey Keitel as the lead role but instead of New York the new verson is based down in good ‘ol New Orleans. I’m no big fan of Nicholas Cage but this looks like one of his best performances in a longtime (at last its long overdue big man!!!).You cant beat a man who wear Swiss cotton underpants (arghh listening to his mum’s advice!), Coffee table iguanas, dancing souls and making money the old fashioned way.

Val Kilmer, Eve Mendes, Xzibit and Brad Douriff join Nicholas in his 2 hours of madness down in the deep south of U.S. No release date for U.K/Ireland but the movie will be out stateside November 25th

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2 thoughts on “Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans – Feature Trailer

  1. Nic Cage is at his best at being the worst. Only Cage could pull off this sicko of a cop. I didn’t like Werner Hertzog’s direction in the film, he is supposed to be some classic director from the 70 and 80’s but if that’s his style I thought it ruined the movie. The script wasn’t that tight as well… But seeing Cage become bad is worth the effort…

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