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The Crazies Trailer 1


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This one slipped under the radar but today the first offical trailer for THE CRAZIES has debuted online. The Crazies is the remake of the classic George C Romero from 1973 (which Romero has no involvement in this new version) eith the renake been made by Breck Eisner (he’s also the director for Creature of the Black Lagoon and Flash Gordon remakes).

The new version stars Timothy Olyphant as small town sherrif David Dutton  watches the local baseball match when one of the towns local’s walks onto the field of play armed with a shotgun and Sherrif Dutton is forced to shoot him dead. Things go a bit crazy in the town with all the local’s going nuts, things get eerie when its discovered the towns water has been contaminated with a government biological agent which was on a plane which crashed.People are dropping like flies and income the government and army troops and its perfect set up for a horror flick. The trailer then breaks into “Mad World” the tears for fears song covered by Gary Jules (song last in Donnie Darko), the movie also stars Horror genre favourite Radha Mitchell.

Watching this trailer I have to say it looks mighty good and eisner looks like he’s taken Zack Synder direction with Romero classic movie by using the skeleton basis of the original movie and bring his own touch in. I dont know if Eisner’s version will be up there with Synder’s Dawn Of The Dead 2004 remake but I think this will be good stuff anyway.

The Crazies will be in the cinema’s in U.K and Ireland Febuary 26th 2010. The trailer is below and below that is the original trailer for the 1973 version, enjoy and please leave your comments below.

2010 version:

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1973 version:



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