Studio Ghibli Announce next movie plus 2 more from Miyazaki


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The Japanese Animation Studio Studio Ghibli has annouced its next movie release details. The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter or Taketori Monogatari its proper Japanese title will be the studio’s next release which is regarded as Japan’s oldest folktale and is also one of the country’s most well known fables, much like Grimm’s Tales. The movie will be directed by the Studio’s co-founder Isao Takahata who hasnt direct a movie for over 10 years with My Neighbours The Yamada’s his last offering.

The Tale of The Bamboo Cutter is about a young baby girl who is found in a bamboo stalk and is found by a bamboo cutter who adopts the baby with his wife. As  she grows older many Princes battle to fight her hand in marriage. She meets the Emperor  who trys to woo her in marriage and resists and more people from the moon come to get her and take her home and she leaves. She leaves the emperor a elixir of eternal life and the emperor refuses saying he rather die if he cant be with her.

It looks like  this movie will be released next year but I can assume thats the Japanese release date so expect either 2011 or 2012 for UK release. The next Studio Ghibli release will be out in February 5th 2010 and is Ponyo

Studio Ghibli’s other co-founder and more well known director Hayao Miyazaki is going to be inolved helping 2 of the studio’d young staff create 2 movies over a three year period. There is no word of  Mr Miyazaki directing himself again as it seems he prefers at the moment to help his young staff in there own direction. I have said many times Otomo’s Akira was my introduction to Japanese animation but when I thought about it it was actually one of Mr Miyazaki’s movies. I just remember during s summer school holiday getting up from bed one morning and sitting amazed by a stunning peice of animation, which left me  flabbergasted that movie was Laputa: Castle in The Sky. I shall look forward to these movies with much anticipation.


4 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli Announce next movie plus 2 more from Miyazaki

  1. CrystalFalls says:

    The SlashFilm news article is misleading. The article implies that these are new announcements when it is paraphrasing (*without* attribution or citation) a piece of six-week-old news and a translation of a *nine-month-old* blog entry.



    Just as importantly, SlashFilm misinterpeted some information. The official Studio Ghibli blog does not say that “Hayao Miyazaki is in discussions with studio staff to make two more feature-length films in the next 3 years.” It said that other people are making them. According to Nausicaa.net, “Miyazaki also announced the start of two feature films by young staff members.”

    • thanks crystalfalls for pointing it out, This blog is not professional blog but i do try my best to find stuff of interest, apoligies if i mislead you. I dont have the resources like slashfilm or similar major film blog-sites to get stories, so i have to go with instinct. appreciate comment.

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