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FIRST LOOK – Robert Rodriguez’s Predators!!!


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The guys at Latino review have got the hands and  had a sneek peek review of a draft version of the reboot of the classic Predator movie, called Predators.

The movie has been fast tracked by 20th century Fox for USA July 7th 2010 release date (no U.K  date yet) and the movie will be based on a Robert Rodriguez script  and Nimrod Antal (vacancy, Amoured). As in whats in the script, well there’s not much detail apart from the movie will be based on the Predator’s own homeworld  and will consist of 8 people from different multi-cultural backgrounds all “predators” themselves on earth been abducted and dumped into a world that is described a game reserve with them been the game. A introduction of a new scarier monster predator called “Black Super Predator” and of course a possible cameo appearance from a politican actor who Latino Review wont say but my clue is from one of his former movies “I’ll Be back”.

One Actor we can say is in the reboot and will play the Mexican character “Cuchillo” is Machete actor Danny Trejo. I’ve contacted Latino Review so I can get the video they have made for the script and what they are saying about the movie does happening, next summer folks we are in for a big blockbuster of a movie.

click on the link below and come back and leave your comments about it.

Exclusive: First Look At Robert Rodriguez’s Predators!! | Latino Review


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