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NEWSBITES 4 – Sherlock Holmes 2, Prison Break star in Resident Evil, HIGHLANDER remake


Here’s another edition of newsbites bringing some of the movie stories from the internet….


This shows you how confident Guy Ritchie in his work that his re-invention of the classic fictional dectective Sherlock Holmes which doesnt hit the cinema until Boxing Day that has already started developing movie number 2.

What this does do is lays rest to one of the big rumours surrounding the possible ending of movie one/ a second movie that Brad Pitt will be in the movie playing Holme’s greatest enemy Professor Moriarty, though not offically confirmed but what is certain there is going to be a second movie. According to Hollywood Reporter if sherlock holmes nemises does appear he will be shrouded in mystery and you wont be recognised, they have to build up the momentum a little like how Bloefeld in James Bond and if Pitt says yes this will be a major coup for Ritchie.

With Pitt or not developing a second movie before the first is an risky move and even if he does say yes there’s no certainties that the movie will be a success.


OK girls its time to drool, Wentworth Miller of Prison Break is going back to Jail to kick some zomebie ass! Yes he’s going to be Resident Evil4: Afterlife and this is big coup for this neverending movie franchise. Make things even better Heros sexbomb Ali Larter who was seen in Resident Evil Extinction will be back to play claire Redfield!!!

There’s no revelations on who Miller will play in the movie but hardcore gamers will put 2 and 2 together and say Loen Kennedy? So Afterlife will be directed and written by Wes Anderson or Mr Jovovich, something he hasnt done since 2002 and the first movie and what excites me is where and what inspiration he’s taken for the movie.

One of the movies other stars and soon to appear in Surrogates Boris Kodjoe let it slip to  Blackfilm about Miller and Larter but also said the movie will be set in a LA jail when Jovovich’s character Alice lands on the roof  looking for survivors in a beseiged jail of zombies!!! A little remincesent of Exit of  Precint 13! Who better do you need with Prison breakout specialist Wentworth Miller on your side!!!


Ok Highlander is one of the cult classics from the 1980’s it was a great movie and a great soundtrack from 1980’s and now 24 years on its to be remade.

When you talk about skating on thin ice its a saying close to this film and its big fanbase but in the decade of the remake it’s not surpising someone would eventually remake it but its who is remaking it thats the worrying thing. Justin Lin and Neal H Noritz will be  director/producers and they are responsible for Fast & Furious so 99% chance this remake was be crap like fast & furious.

Summit who are funding the project say they are going to expand on the Highlander Mythology and takie it to new heights.

We are privileged to have this amazing opportunity to reinvent one of the great franchises. Neal and Justin have proven more than once that they can deliver an entertaining and exciting blockbuster.

Patrick Waschsberger (summit chairman) stated.

I nearly wet myself laughing with that statement, unfornuately its a proven record of crap movies, sorry guys but it’s going to be a fan favourite been destroyed, as the  movie goes “there can be only one” and thats the original.


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