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NEWSBITES.2- Silent Hil 2, Jessica Biel & A-Team, Night of The Living Dead 3-d!!!



Screenwrite Roger Avery is returning to Silent for movie 2 to team up once again with producer Samuel Hadida, but they won’t be joined by Christophe Gans. Is a Silent Hill film 2 Konami’s reaction to another Resident Evil license? possibly but at the moment it just looks like there only be an 2nd Silent Hill flick.

Silent Hill wasn’t a great movie though I did like it, I had no fault with Christophe Gans and Hadida as both gave the movie its amotspheric and earie feel but personally as said in Slashfilm, Avery’s script was the weakspot of the movie.  He kept  Radha Mitchell running about like a headless chicken shouting out her daughter’s name, he could have structured the movie a bit better and not leave some of the characters doing nothing.

There’s not much info on what the second movie will be about, but the first 3 games had elements taken out of it to make the original film, but if your a fan of the games you know at times it can go off in one crazy direction. There is plenty of original content out there for Avery and Hadida to make the 2nd movie as well as keep it still inspired by the game franchise.


Its taken ages to get the idea of the A-Team to be considered to be a movie, and it seems it’s taken forever  to get the line up for the cast sorted, not now it looks complete!

Joining Liam Neeson as Hannibal, Bradley Cooper as Templeton Peck and “Rampage” Jackson as BA Baracus (you crazy Fool!!), Sharlto Copely as Murdoch will be the sexy Jessica Biel. I’m a littlle confused on what part Jessica will play in the movie, Empire from their source (Variety) are saying possibly the colonel who will be persuing the A-team!!! only time will tell.

Skip woods has written the script with Joe Carnahan directing and the mighty Ridley Scott producing. Out July 30th 2010 and dont want none of your jibba-jabba you crazy fool!!!


Just when you thought it was safe to say no more Romero zombie remakes, well there’s going to be another one and it’ll be in 3-D!!! Zebediah de Soto for his directoral debut is going to remake the original Romero zombie flick Night of the Living Dead with no involvement with the zombiemaster. Due to some Admin/PR mistake the movie ended  up on the public domain opening it up to some dreadful remakes  and spin offs, but De soto said he will be concentrating on the characters back stories into a “American Anime style”. The movie is to be produced by Con-Air/Tomb Raider (yikes!!) producer  which means the project will be doomed, which is a shame as im a bit of a zombiefreak!!!

John Logan Pens Vampire Flick THE PASSAGE For Fox 2000, Ridley Scott Might Direct

Its been reported that John Logan (Gladiator, Aviator)  is been paid a 6 figure sum by Fox 2000 to produce the Jordan Ainsley novel THE PASSAGE. Ridley Scott is in talks to direct this epic  which is a book of 1200 pages and both men haven’t worked together since Gladiator.

According to the report that Fox actually paid for the rights to the novel even before the maunscript was actually finished but the book went onto to win a Hemmingway prize and they hope the movie will be released in summer 2010. THE PASSAGE is about a group of terminally ill patients who are cured of their illness by been bitten by South American Bats.

Possibly you can say Fox’s eagerness to get this novel could to do with the success and craze for the Twilight saga movie as well the True Blood American Tv series only time will tell but what you can say when Logan and Scott team up to create an movie its usually a masterpiece and this could be an contender for a 2011 oscar?

more newsbites soon….


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