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Everybody’s Fine Trailer [HD]

EverybodysFine 3

The first trailer for Everybody’s Fine is now online for your viewing pleasure.

Robert De Niro play’s a recent widower a journey to reconnect with his three grown children who have all recently cancelled their trip to visit him at the last minute. Yes it does sound a little bit soapy but Kate Beckinsdale, Sam Rockwell and Drew Barrymore !!!

The trailer just look like films we’ve seen before  but still there’s something that pulls you towards it to find out more. You could say it looks like one of De Niro’s better movie after his last  number of films where very dissappointing and dived, but talk of an oscar nomination I think is a little excessive. This movie is looking more a christmas  home for holiday feel rather than oscar winning performance, I just find it really puzzling on how actors/actress are judged to be deemed oscar winning.

The movie has been directed by British director Kirk Jones whose othe movies been Nanny Macphee and Waking Ned and the movie will be released by Miramax. Everybody’s Fine will be out  december or early 2010.


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