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SOLOMON KANE – English Version Trailer


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Well I posted the Russian version  of Solomon Kane Trailer online last night but I didnt think it would be online this quick! Thanks to Trailer Addict you can now enjoy the English Version of Solomon Kane.

Solomon Kane is independantly made by Michael J Bassett with Imaginarium of Dr Parnassuss/Silent Hill producer Samuel Hadida producing based on the Robert E Howard character (also created Conan). The movie is set in16th century where Kane (played by James Purefoy)is an mercenary soldier  who is brought out of retirement of peace  when a demon threatens his family  and is forced to pick up the sword once again.

This is film one of a trilogy and its dark, gritty, brutal with loads of great visuals and monster creations and I have to say this looks like a great movie to look foward to. Its not Van Helsing rip-off with elements of Lord of the rings but a great looking movie that will be alot better than Van Helsing and will stand on its own.

Film also has a great cast of Pete Postlethwaite, jason Flemming, Max Von Sydow ,Mackenzie Crook and Alice Krige. We may have got the English version in a matter of 24 hours but still no UK or even USA release date expect early 2010.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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