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Akira [Live Action] Movie still looking good


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This decade has been the decade of the remake or redux or whatever fancy name you want to give it. Some of the remakes where excellent, some where ok but the rest well, shouldn’t have been made but when I read on the internet that they where going to make a live action version of Akira, I nearly choked to death.

Akira is essentially one of the ultimate classic Japanese Animation’s (or anime) of all time, this is one of the anime’s that introduced animation Japanese style to the western world. This movie and its creator Katsuhiro Otomo is up there on same level pedestool as legendary Hayao Miyazaki both these directors where my introduction to the fascinating world of anime. To me Akira is an national insitution, if your going to touch and recreate something so sacred to many you have to tread on egg shells carefully to make sure you create a unique, respectfull to the orginal.

Last year the rumours, the talk started the movie was going to be made but that died off, even a number of actors name where been connected to the project including Leonardo Di caprio, Stephen Norrington, Ruari Robinson. According to the Empire report The movie has been reported that it will cost nearly $300million to re-create Neo-tokyo into Neo-Manhattan and to be made into 2 parts  this is going to be a colossall project and Warner Bros want to make sure they get enough evidence for the movie to get such a budget. If the project goes ahead I’d say look more for a one-off movie with a smaller budget, if you look at the anime it was only 2 hours 4 minutes long and seeing the proposal worries me that they’ll add alot of new stuff in it and ruin the iconic animation.

According to Collider the project is alive and well and that Children of men / Iron Man are hard at work writing the script with the production of the movie to start sometime in 2010 for a 2011 release. Personally I think 2011 release would be slightly unrealistic due to the amount of special fx that would involved in creating this masterpiece, more 2012. Anyway only time will tell if this project will see the light of day and be released in 2 years time.

If you’ve never heard of Akira click HERE for the Internet movie database info on the animation.

Here’s the American dubbed trailer

Japanese promo trailer (version 2)


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