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Location: Braehead Odeon           Date: 22nd August 2009

It’s taken over 10 years to be written and created for the the big screen and it’s taken long enough for Tarantino to finally get back on form with Inglorious Basterds.

Funny enough there is an actual plot here! oh Yes!! It’s 1940’s Nazi-Occupied France, Lt.Aldo Raine(Brad Pitt) and merry bunch of Basterds a ruthless squad of  American-Jewish Soldiers spread there terror  through the German army. The allies ask for there help take out the whole German High command, including Hitler (yes, Hitler as well!!) who will all be at a Gala film premiere at a cinema in Paris. The cinema is also ran by Shosanna Dreyfus a Jewish survivor (you learn about in the first part of the movie)who also has her own plans for vengance as well.

First of all this isnt the dirty dozen redux as many websites, blogs, movie press have sometimes labelled this, oh no . There is little inspirations from Dirty dozen but not much to call it a redux. This movie isnt all guns blazing, opens up with a long conversation between a French farmer and the “Jew Hunter” Hans Landa played by the brilliant Christoph Waltz. The whole scene you wonder what’s going to happen, and  with scene of the nazi soldiers approaching to the look on the French farmer’s face  seen them you wonder will this be an exacution of the farmer? When Landa is gulping down his glass of milk, his comments on the famers daughters and cows (uses vache which mean cows in French but also can be used as a vulgar term for vagina), the farmer just gets more nervous and reverts to pipe smoking and Landa just goes one better (well have to see what happens next? go see it). I just had that feeling like your asked to hold your breath under water for a certain length and the pressure intensifys and you give up like seconds to go.

The Basterds themselves dont come into the second chapter , well there not in this alot actually in this alot full stop. When they are in it they chomp, they beat, shoot, they bat (roth, all he was good at in this, keep to making horror flicks eli please)and not forgetting scar. The Basterds love to leave a little momentum for one of there nazi hosts , a little swastika carved into there foreheads so leaving a messege for the other nazi’s  know what basterds they are.

Sometimes I asked myself who is really the lead actor here? Pitt or Waltz? Though both where good at what they where asked to do in the movie. Brad Pitt Despite appearing in only 3 of the chapters and doesnt fire a gun he is a very funny charming and the way Raine attempt’s to take in other culture is like asking a drunkman to walk in a straight line (commendable sffort but way off line). Pitt’s character belts out some great dialogue in his deep Kentucky accent and his use of French, German and Italian in oneliners and speeches where just top-notch. It was the impersation of Italian I loved as I spent 2 summers working in Sorrento, Italy and like Raines Accent strong Scottish and in some cases need for subtitles. I think there was also the running “gag” Pitt had in Ocean’s 11 here, alot of scenes where he was always eating, drinking or chewing, mmm?

Pitt was great but Christoph Waltz was the star of the movie. A multilingual power crazed, calculating, confidient, contridicting nasty but at times silly piece of work. “Jew Hunter” (or whatever company he was with called him) he got some the movies best bits, well “That’s A bingo!”, you’ll clearly see why Waltz won the best actor award at Cannes and dont be surprised if he’s up there in Febuary running for one of those little golden statues (oscars). To me Pitt and Waltz complimented each other, they are the movie’s Ying and Yang, bringing balance and order to the Basterds.

As the movie progressed this movie gets funnier and funnier and more and more bullits fire as the bodys hit the floors and the ” Once Upon A time….in Nazi Occupied France” kicks in with it’s O.T.T ending. C’mon all The clue is in the opening title!!! This is no reconstruction of an actual event , this is pure fantasy influenced by an event (World War 2). Tarantino makes it so clear he’s not making Schindler’s list  or any other War movie, this is like the old Marvel Comic title “What if…”, What if a bunch of American Jewish Soldiers killed all the German Higher Arachy!!!.

What gives this movie its finishing touches is the excellent choice of music for the soundtrack and Tarantino knows his cool music from his bad. The Basterds is an Spaghetti Western influenced war movie and the use of Ennio Morriccone gives the movie a very classy feel to it. Even uses a version Cat People (putting out the fire) by David Bowie which did it for me been a big Bowie fan.

The only downpoints for me was Eli Roths acting, he’s okay as a background tough guy, keep to directing. The other was the use of Mike Myers as the posh English general which had a hint of Austin Powers to it, I was Just waiting for some of shagadelic  powers qoutes.

Let’s make it clear Quinten Tarantino is the Movie fanboy living the dream. He uses all the genres, actor, music that has influenced him down the years and create some fantastic pieces of work, he’s went where no fanboy or fangirl has gone before. I cant comment on Grindhouse/Deathproof as I havent seen them but Inglorious Basterds is a fantastic tale of fantasy,carnage, dark humour as well as some Over the top action with excellent dialogue and oneliners. Mr Tarantino the Basterds sees on back on form and we salute you, roll on Machete!

Review Rating: 4/5




    • Thanks selwyn, yeah it was good the Basterds. Just some film critics forget people go to the movies to get away from everyday stress and into a world of fantasy and entertainment and this is what the basterds did for me. watched district 9 yesterday…brilliant movie.

  1. I thought it was a great Tarantino effort except the scene in the underground bar went on too long and parts of it did not seem relevant to story. Too bad it couldn’t have been the real way to usher the Nazi high command out of this world. They deserved to burn in hell in real life first. Brad was divine as always.

  2. mcarteratthemovies says:

    I don’t think anyone can argue that Waltz, well, waltzed away with this film. Brad Pitt was a hoot, but Waltz — damn, that man can play a villain like NOBODY’S business! Where has he been all my life? This part will open a world of possibilities for him in American film, and I for one can’t wait to see what he’s capable of. However, I’m still peeved that Melanie Laurent didn’t get a Best Supporting Actress nomination, as she was the film’s emotional center.

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