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[new] Defendor Trailer online


Watch the trailer for Woody Harelson’s spoof  superhero movie Defendor here

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The new trailer for DEFENDOR the spoof superhero has arrived online today and I have to say it looks GOOD!!!

The movie is based around Arthur Poppington (Woody Harelson) a normal guy who believe’s he is a superhero called Defondor and goes on a quest to defeat his arch enemy Captain Industry. He also befriends young drug user  called Kat (Kat Dennings) and her drug dealer Chuck (Elias Koteas).  The movie also star’s Grey Anatomy Sandra Oh, Michael Kelly and Kristen Booth.

The trailer show as if the movie is going to be a mixture of serious drama and spoof comedy moments , but what I will say is Defendor will be a completely different movie from Kick-Ass. Both movies have been compared as they have similar story as in 2 people who believe there superhero’s, Defendor is a comedy-drama and Kick-ass is a action movie with alot more violence.

Anyway all hail Defendor the all-Canadian action “Hero”!!!, watch and enjoy and leave a comment and tell us what you think



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