Inception Teaser Trailer [HD]


Here’s the teaser trailer for what possibly be one of the big blockbusters for summer 2010 Inception. Directed by Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, Hoesph gordon-levitt and Ken Watanabe.

Inception is a  contemporary science fiction tale set within the architecture of the human mind, when a CEO business man (DiCaprio) gets involved in a Blackmailing scandal. With the architecture of the mind in the snypnosis description it make you wonder will this be one of these movies that drives you insane on “what the hell is this all about?” or simply just another piece of movie magic, only time will tell. Some internet rumours stated this was going to be the working title of the next batman movie, well personally I dont think so but the trailer doesnt give much away only time will tell but highly unlikely. Nolan is the pride and joy of Warner Bros and if allegations are true hes been given over $200 million to make this and shows how much faith the warner bosses have in him (Batman fanboys/girls im affraid you’ll have to wait a few years for a new batman movie!).

Inception has been scheduled for a July 16 2010 release for USA expect similar date for UK or at least August/September when European countires will get it.

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