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Update August 23rd

Hello all its been a hetic week for myself, so I’m a little bit behind in a few things so apoligies upfront for the delay. Today I hope to get a few things posted online with information on next weeks upcoming Film Firightfest now in its 10th year! a horror fanboy/fangirl’s wet dream! wish I could go myself but it’s in London and cant make it, I was even offered an interview with one of the film director’s whose film is been premiered at the festival, lets just say I was pulling whatever hair I have left out, but thanks for the chance!.

Well for Trailers well this was the week everyone has been waiting for the release of the much anticipated trailer for Avatar and boy I enjoyed but I know theres been mixed feelings about it. To me at times it looked like watching one of the fantastic science fiction drawings come to life one straight out of Isaac Isamov story, many people took the chance to go to there local imax and watch a 15 minute section of the movie well im all for trailers and teasers and then go see the movie. The other big trailer  was the The Wolfman starring benico del toro and boy it looks fantastic! I hope everyone likes the new look trailers page, please let me know.

I finally got the article I created on Jacque Mesrine 2 weeks late! sorry guys! It was to coincide with the release of the excellent French gangster2 part boipic Mesrine:Death Instinct which is out now in the cinema and part 2 is out next week Public enemy number one. The reason behind the article is that outside of France Jacques Mesrine is virtually unknown but in France he was a criminal with celeb status (for the wrong reasons) and the article was to give you a brief idea of who he was, its not perfect but does the job.

I will today get started on The Perfect Getaway review as for the Adventureland, I have a little leeway simply due to the screening I saw was a preview and the film isnt out for another 3 weeks but Ill put it online sometime this week along with Inglorious Basterds which I saw yesterday. Remember this maybe my blog but you guys contributing is just as important please send in your reviews, comments, its your blog as much as mines!

Just as I just said in the previous paragraph I am always looking for contributions, be it reviews, adding comments or simply posting your own article/post. The reason I repeated this was simply due to a email I got sent from someone who didnt like why my blog wasnt updated with about a 10-15 posts a day as he said blogs should be doing. According to this moron its easy to do a blog and add alot of content so I challanged him to add contributions well the excusues he made up where hilarious basically contridicting himself. This blog is an amatuer movie fan blog, I dont run it full time, I dont have the money to upgrade to a professional level and most of all Ive only been doing it since May 2009 so Im in my early days! I do try my best to add at least 1-3 posts a day but its not possible to do that, I dont have the cash to go to every movie so thats why i ask you guys to help out. Thers going to be days when theres nothing been posted but thats life. So any contribution is very greatful and appreciated.

I am looking for people to for people to write about there first ever cinema experience they can remember. Tell a little about the movie, the cinema you saw it in, the build up just basically anything you can remember about that day. Also Im adding a Festival page section with listings and hopefully info on the festivals as well, so if you do a festival get in touch, send me your press pack, photos, trailers, interviews and we try sort adding you to the list and if the festival is soon posting a few articles online to promote it as well.

To watch the Avatar trailer ———CLICK HERE

To watch the Wolfman trailer——-CLICK HERE

To do a Movie review please include the following:

a rating out of 5 (1 for poor and 5 for excellent)

date and cinema and of course the review itself

to contribute any way please either log into your wordpress account or email it to


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