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Its nearly here folks! The Film 4 Frightfest 2009!!!

The Film4 FrightFest 2009 celebrates ten years of chills, thrills and kills and  moving to the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London to serve up its distinctive and controversial mix of must-see and yet-to-be discovered genre movies from around the world. From Thursday 27th August to Monday 31 August the UK’s top event for horror fans will unveil thirty five new films in two screens. Empire 1 will house the main event while ‘FrightFest Discovery’ will play in Empire 4.If your a fan of everything Horror, gore and fantasy this is a British Fanboy’s heaven!

FrightFest09-VampiregirlVcFrankensteinGirl(1) FrightFest09-VampiregirVsFrankensteinGirl(2)

This year’s affair the Frightfester’s will be treated to 26 Premieres (11 World and 15 UK premeires) from all around the world with the British Horror film scene with a massive presence at the festival. This year’s openeing movie will be British director Christopher Smith’s Shocker Triangle staring Melissa George and the much anticipated THE DESCENT: PART 2 closing the festival. Philip Ridley’s Horror fantasy HEARTLESS starring Jim Sturgess and Timothy Spall will make its world premiere as well, all 3 directors will be in attendance so you can fire away any questions you may have.

FrightFest09-TheDescentPart2(1) FrightFest09-CoffineRockLisaChappell FrightFest09-Infestation(2)

Frightfest’s  UK premiere of MILLENIUM: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, based on the best selling novel by Stieg Larsson. Then there’s a new movie (yes new movie) from Italian Horror master Dario Argento  GIALLO (with Adrian Brody), there’s HIERRO from the producers of Del Toro’s  Pan Labyrinth and the eagerly-awaited slasher tribute THE HILLS RUN RED. Christian Alvart’s powerfully disturbing CASE 39 (starrring Rene Zwellweger, Bradley Cooper).along with Ti West’s occult masterpiece THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.The UK premiere of DREAD a short story by Clive Barker, based on the Clive barker story and from the producers of Wolf Creek, an Aussie gripper – COFFIN ROCK.

FrightFest09-Fragment(1) FrightFest09-Heartless(2) FrightFest09-HumanCentipede(1)

If you love your monsters and zombies especially you will be in for a treat. Zombie Nazi’s inthe Norweigan black comedy  DEAD SNOW which sadly never got a run in the British cinemas. British zombieflick COLIN which only cost £45 and Cam to make! If you like your zombies nasty and really angry well French zombie flick LA HORDE is the one for you, but if you like your zombies naughty and burlesque well its got to be ZOMBIE WOMEN OF SATAN. Monster mayhem and murder take centre-stage with a sinister collection of night-creatures in the riveting horror anthology TRICK R TREAT starring Brian Cox and Anna Paquin (X-men trilogy) and theres an army of big bad bugs in the horror action comedy INFESTATION. Then there is the aptly named VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL Japanese horror at its best then perhaps the most shocking film at this year’s event – THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE.

FrightFest09-ZombieWomenofSatan(1) FrightFest09-TrickRTreat(2) FrightFest09-TheHorde(1)

Fans of classic horror are in for a treat as director John Landis will be in attendance along with the 1981 movie’s cast to present a restored version of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, Also presented will be never been seen documentary of the film as well. Other directors currently confirmed to attend include:, Adam Gierasch (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS), Ti West (THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) Dave Parker (THE HILLS RUN RED), Lee Demabre (SMASH CUT), Michael Dougherty (TRICK ‘R TREAT), Tommy Wirkola (DEAD SNOW), Tom Six (HUMAN CENTIPEDE), Anthony Diblasi (DREAD), Pierre Laffarge (BLACK), Marc Price (COLIN), Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD) and Federico Zampaglione (SHADOW). Other special guests include directors Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Neil Marshall, Tom Shankland, Jake West and Johnny Kevorkian.  Actors & performers include Jim Sturgess (HEARLESS), David Hess (SMASH CUT), Andy Nyman, Derren Brown, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

FrightFest09-SmashCut(1) FrightFest09-TheHorseman(1) FrightFest09-Shadow(1)

New to this years Fest is the FrightFest Discovery where new films will get screened and Donomic Perez’s EVIL THINGS (world premiere), FRAGMENT by Austrailan director Andrew Miles. We must not forget COLIN the low budget horror which cost virtually nothing to make and made it bigtime in Cannes festivalthe critically-acclaimed pyhschological thriller PONTYPOOL and the grisly remake of Larry Cohen’s cult classic IT’S ALIVE. In total 9 new movies will be shown and all shown in the Empire’s screen 4. Also New this year is Has Britain Got Horror? A chance for budding Horror writers to get a chance to work on a  real horror movie script and get there name in the credits as well! The competition is in association with Jpeg Films a new production company. As well as the competitions there will be seminar on Saturday 29th (12noon)to help budding writers as well.

FrightFest09-ClivebarkersDread(1) FrightFest09-TheHouseoftheDevil(1) FrightFest09-Triangle(1)

Above was only some of the movies youll be able to see at the Fest. There will be  the usual special guest appearances, Q & A’s, sneak previews, a short film strand, signings, competition prizes and give-aways – all of which goes to make up the unique experience that fans across the world have come and made their own. So here’s the most important thing, how do you get and where do you get the TICKETS!?



To Book call 08 714 714 714 or go online to:

FESTIVAL PASSES: £140     DAY PASSES (Saturday sold out) £21.50        SINGLE TICKETS: £10

So need to act fast as all the fun starts this Thursday and if you are going it would be great if you could write about it and send it to me at the blog and ill post it online.So you lucky people enjoy outthere enjoy the fun!!!


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Has Britain got Horror talent? This year there is a horror writing competition where JPEG Films are offering the FrightFest audience the chance to become involved in the development of a horror script, with a screen credit if the movie is produced. There will be a special event seminar on Saturday 29 August at noon at Empire 4 to help all those budding writers.


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