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Youth In Revolt Trailer [HQ]


The Trailer for Youth in Revolt has hit the web in the past few hours watch it here…….

Youth In Revolt stars Michael Cera (Year One, Juno, Nick and Norah)in  this is the coming to age story of a boy– Nick Twisp (Cera)– who is a cynical 16-year-old who transforms from a normal teenager into a youth in open revolt to attempt to win the heart of Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday). Nick Twisp takes on innumerable tasks that cause his uncaring parents to worry. Whilst on his way to ecstasy Twisp gets himself in several incidences that include helping his friend disappear to make a girl realize she likes him, burning down berkley, disappearing to India, and going undercover to hide from the FBI. This all with the intent to gain his darling Sheeni Suanders approval, and gain a sexual relationship with her, while she does almost everything under the sun to make his attempts fail. In the end they find even terms where they almost can live happily ever after.

The film also stars Steve Buscemi as Nick’s Dad with Jean Smart (24, Samantha who?) along with Justin Long and Ray Liotta. The film has been directed by Miguel Arteta with Gustin Nash converting the C.D. Payne into a screenplay. Taking into consideration the crap that was called Year One, This looks alot better comedy Michael Cera is still an young actor and for the next few years I think he’ll be doing very similar movies as this one.

The movie is been released by Dimension Films and 3oth October been the release date for USA, dont have a UK date yet but expect similar release time if not November or December.


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