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[REC]2 – Trailers


How the hell did I miss this? Trailers, featurettes for the sequel to one of the scariest horror movies ever made REC2 where Posted online. Film 1 came out in 2007 had a limited audience but every person who watched it, loved and had many brown trouser moments…

Rec 2 is set right after where the first film finished when a medical officer and a armed swat team go into the sealed off apartments with cameras to take control or they think they will….If you havent seen the first movie, This classic Spanish horror has all the elements you expect from a zombie movie, blood, gore, pant filling moments, lots of zombies!!! (well for a small apartment block anyway). This was labelled Spain’s 28 Days Later, true mixed in with the fast zombies from the dawn of the dead remake,  George Romero would be proud of this (even jealous).

The first film got a limited release in UK and I missed it as I was going to work in all places Spain?! but over easter time I picked it up on the cheap and I dont usually buy movies on DVD  if I dont like them or even seen them, but it was a good move on my account.

The film is once again brought to you by the director pair of Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza.  I think once again even with the sucess of movie one it will have a limited release, I dont have release date yet but it could be anything from Late October 2009 upto easter 2010, I will do my best tolet you guys know.

*UPDATE – Rec 2 will get its UK premiere at Glasgow Film Festival part of the Frightfest at Glasgow weekend of 27th february…. details here



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